About Me

As with the beginning of most good stories, mine begins with something used yet not ready to be discarded.  That used item would change the path of my life; an old hand-me-down Canon AE-1, placed in my hands as soon as I could hold it upright and straight.  In my early years as a photographer I had no choice but to use film but I opted into digital photography early on (1995) and have not looked back.

Natural settings are where I would prefer to work but, I do, stray into the man made world to immortalize the majesty and to document the atrocities created by man.  When the rare opportunity arises and I encounter a person whom I can shoot in a natural and candid fashion; it is then I capture the unique beauty of the human form.  After a lifetime of photography I have found ways to be versatile in my field all while staying true to the accuracy of my artwork.  

“Beauty can be found within all that is around us; the search is as simple as opening our minds to broaden the reach of our eyes”

– Randy D White